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5 Star Rating
Blaze Solo from 09/27/2021:
"All anyone wants when servicing their vehicle is an honest, trustworthy, and professional relationship with a mechanic. They listened to my details of issues I’m having, they offered advice on repairs, gave reasonable estimates and costs, and performed repairs in timely manner. Received my vehicle back cleaner then when I dropped it off. Thank you! I will be back, and I recommend The V Shop to anyone in need of an honest, friendly, and professional mechanic."
5 Star Rating
Johnny Gallagher from 06/21/2021:
"It’s hard finding a good mechanic. The V Shop just gets it. For any service, just bring your car in folks! 10/10. Best in class, best in service. Great team & great work."
5 Star Rating
Lalith Gunawardena from 08/18/2021:
"Great repair shop! They were quick to respond with a quote and had a fair price for the work. After taking the car to the shop Roger and Tom quickly reviewed the work required and got me out and followed up with a very professional report on the status of the car and work to be done. They did the repair on time and they washed and cleaned up my car after the work was done. Would definitely recommend them as a small professional repair shop with an owner and team that have a great attitude! I've been waiting on Land Rover Fort Lauderdale to return multiple calls and emails for around 3 months to get this work done, but kinda glad they didn't as I discovered the V Shop! Thanks to Yelp for the help in finding them!"
5 Star Rating
Latin Multitasker from 10/30/2021:
"I have been using The V Shop for years. It's the only place I will take my car and my sons' cars to for repair and maintenance. As a female, I'm used to being quoted a much higher price for everything by other mechanics. When I found Roger and his shop, that problem stopped. I'm confident that what they find wrong with the car is real and the price they quote me is the best. My husband is loyal to a guy in WPB and I love to see how much more he has to pay for the same thing I get at much lower prices at The V Shop :) I highly recommend it. P.S. What other mechanic washes, vacuums and disinfects your car after service at no additional cost.. only The V Shop,"
5 Star Rating
Laurence Williams Jr from 04/13/2021:
"This was my second trip to the V-Shop. I had to get a wheel bearing replaced. I called Tom when I was out of town and made an appointment. I got there, they road tested my vehicle, ordered the part, and put it on. From start to finish, less than four hours. Great quality work, excellent customer service! I only bring my Volvo to them. When you find a great shop whose customers are lifers, you know you're in the right place!"
5 Star Rating
Mark Robitaille from 11/05/2021:
"By far the best place to get your auto repaired in Plantation. From the first phone call, to the text message reminder, to dropping the car off and discussing any issues the car might have, to getting a text with a complete diagnostic report detailing any issue, to getting a call to discuss the report, to picking it up with all repairs done professionally, and washed, vacuumed and sanitized. I dare anyone to find a place like this nearby. Roger, Tom and the whole team are superb."
5 Star Rating
Michael Henderson from 05/14/2021:
"I am 59 and I have owned cars since I was 18. I have experienced a lot of mechanics, shops and dealerships over the years. Roger and Tom from the V Shop set the benchmark for what an auto repair business should be. I could sum up my experience in one word “Integrity” I came to them based on a friend who restores cars recommendation. I requested a complete inspection. I was very impressed with the report they gave me. It included pictures and visual comparisons versus new parts and fluids. I had a lot of work done over three days and the level of professionalism and communication was great. I knew what was going on every step of the way. They always recommended changing only what needed to be changed or repaired. I asked about parts and components that I thought needed to be changed and most of them did not. They saved me a lot of money by not taking advantage me. They also stand behind their repairs! You will be very happy with the results."
5 Star Rating
Morgan Rowe from 10/18/2021:
"Fantastic service. Honest about the costs and truly wanted to diagnose the problem instead of rack up a bill to make money. Squeezed me in when they were busy to help me and did the job fast. Would 100% recommend for anyone who wants good work done without getting robbed in expenses."
5 Star Rating
Paula BG from 09/08/2021:
"Since Tom answered the phone it was a pleasure to speak to someone who knew his trade. This was my second time bringing my car to him, and he did not disappoint me. Very easy to deal with and kind. They took care of my car problem, and I’m very happy about it. When they gave me my car back, I was happily surprised that they cleaned inside; it was spotless and SO clean. Besides the engine coolant problem, they also fix one of the lights on the dashboard, as this was on for a long time. I will bring my car back again if I had troubles with it. Thank you Tom & The V Shop! By the way they do have coffee and tea!"
5 Star Rating
RC Chaser from 06/21/2021:
"Fabulous V Shop! This car shop is honest, rare attribute these days, great communicator and with more than fair price. They were half the price of the Mercedes-Benz dealer using OEM/high quality products. They don't advertise but they get a lot of referrals from word of mouth which save you money. The Shop is awesome. Highly recommended...who cares they don't serve you coffee in the waiting room. Benz will give you free coffee and charged you 50% more on your repairs. Your choice.( though, I didn't ask for coffee) :)"
5 Star Rating
Tessa Boyd from 08/27/2021:
"The V Shop has been servicing my 2002 Honda Civic for several years. I recently purchased a 2018 Honda Civic and took it to them for a full inspection as I trust them explicitly. They are professional, offer the highest degree of honesty, efficiency and exemplify what all businesses should offer in service. Here is an example of honesty and integrity:- when I had my 2002 Honda Civic, I took the car to the dealership for an airbag recall. On arrival, they checked my battery and advised me I needed a new battery. After the recall was completed, I called the V Shop and made an appointment to have them check the battery. Not only did I not need a new battery, because that particular battery lasted me four (4) more years. What I appreciate is the fact that they advise you of what might become an issue in the future. This business gets a 5 out of 5 stars."
5 Star Rating
Tony Price from 05/11/2021:
"You will not find a better man to work on your vehicle. Roger and his staff are amazing mechanics but also men of high moral standards. I have been fortunate to come to know Roger on a personal level and I can honestly say that the world is a better place because of men like this."